Moshi Digits Dark Gray Touchscreen Gloves – REVIEW


With these below zero, frigid temperatures how on earth can you check your messages, or anything for that matter on any type of touch screen device!? Well, AT&T has the answer for you! You have to try the Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves – they are absolutely amazing and I swear they work! 

These dual-layered winter gloves are designed to go hand in hand with your touchscreen device. Each fingertip is made with a special conductive fiber that enables responsive and accurate gesturing on your smartphone or tablet. Digits also feature a unique GripTrak™ silicone pattern on the inside of each glove for a slip-free grip for both right- and left-handed users. The soft microfleece inner lining provides enhanced comfort, and Digits are 100% hand-washable for easy maintenance and durability.

Take a look at how many devices the gloves are compatible with…




On a side note, my husband, 6 year old daughter, and myself tried using these gloves. I can honestly say they were extremely comfortable and warm. YES, I did sit in my car a few days ago and attempt to use them. No, I was not driving! They worked every time! I was highly impressed, because all the fingers worked. I have tried these in the past, NOT this brand, but they do not work well. I would highly recommend these if you are looking for something like this, OR to give as a gift to someone. I assure you, they will love them!
Now, onto my husband…
I purchased a set of these, NOT this brand, for my hubby for Christmas. They were the ‘in’ thing, I thought he would love them. He hated them. He said they were thin and had some weird spot on the pointer finger and thumb. He made me take them back. Only the pointer finger and thumb worked. Now, after using these, he said they were MUCH better. He said he would use a set in these and they were more comfortable. So, hubby would highly recommend these too. 
Now, onto my 6 year old daughter….
She said, “Mommy, these are okay, but too big for me!” So her suggestion was a smaller size for children.
So, as soon as the roads are clear, and it is a bit warmer, meaning the wind chills are not so dangerous – go get a pair! I promise you’ll love them!
Compatible Devices
Acer ICONIA TAB A501 – Dark Chrome
Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi + 3G , Apple® iPhone® 4s , Apple iPhone 3GS , Apple® iPad® 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G , Apple iPhone 4 , Apple® iPad® with Retina™ display Wi-Fi + Cellular , Apple iPhone 5 , Apple® iPad® with Wi-Fi + Cellular , Apple® iPad® mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular
Impulse 4G (TM) by AT&T , SIM for Apple® iPad® with Retina (TM) display Wi-Fi + Cellular device , attAvailPrepaid , AT&T Fusion (TM) 2 GoPhone® , SIM for Apple® iPad® Wi-Fi + Cellular device , SIM for Apple® iPad® 2 with Wi-Fi + 3G device , SIM for Apple® iPad® Wi-Fi + 3G device , SIM for Apple® iPad® mini with Wi-Fi + Cellular device , SIM for Apple® iPhone® 5 device , SIM for Samsung Galaxy Tab® 2 10.1 device , attFusionPrepaid
BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 9360 , BlackBerry® Torch (TM) , BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9000 , BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8900 , BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 3G , BlackBerry® Pearl 3G , BlackBerry® Torch(TM) 9860 , BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9900 , BlackBerry® Bold (TM) 9700 , BlackBerry® Curve (TM) 8520 , BlackBerry® Torch (TM) 9810 , BlackBerry® Q10 , BlackBerry® Pearl (TM) 8110
HP iPAQ Glisten
HTC Status (TM) , HTC One® , HTC One (TM) X , Windows Phone 8X by HTC , htcSurroundPrepaid , htcHd7sPrepaid , HTC Inspire (TM) 4G , HTC One(TM) X+ , HTC One® mini , HTC Tilt2 , HTC Vivid (TM) , HTC Jetstream (TM) – Shimmering Silver , HTC TITAN (TM) , HTC TITAN (TM) II , HTC Aria (TM) , HTC One (TM) VX
lgQuantumPrepaid , LG Nitro (TM) HD , LG Phoenix (TM) , LG G2 , LG Thrill (TM) 4G , LG INCITE , LG Optimus G(TM) , lgThrivePrepaid , LG Escape (TM)
MOTOROLA ATRIX (TM) 4G* , MOTOROLA BRAVO (TM) , MOTOROLA ATRIX (TM) 2 , Moto X (TM) , MotorolaFlipsidePrepaid , Motorola Backflip (TM) , MOTOROLA ATRIX(TM) HD , Motorola Flipout (TM)
NEC Terrain (TM)
Nokia Lumia 1020 , Nokia Lumia 520- GoPhone® , Nokia Lumia 900 , Nokia Lumia 925 , Nokia Lumia 1520 , Nokia Lumia 920 , Nokia Lumia 820
Pantech Pocket (TM) , Pantech Crossover (TM) , Pantech Flex (TM) , Pantech Burst (TM) , Pantech Discover (TM) , Pantech Element (TM) – Black
Samsung Galaxy S® 4 , Samsung Galaxy Tab® 3 7.0 , Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Active (TM) , Samsung Jack , samsungFocusPrepaid , Samsung Captivate (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Tab (TM) , Samsung Galaxy S® III mini , Samsung Rugby® Smart , Samsung Galaxy S® III , Samsung Galaxy Mega (TM) , samsungDoubletimePrepaid , Samsung Captivate (TM) Glide , Samsung Focus (TM) S , Samsung Galaxy S (TM) II Skyrocket (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Note® II – GoPhone® , Samsung Focus (TM) Flash , Samsung Focus® 2 , Samsung Galaxy Note® 3 , Samsung Galaxy Exhilarate (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Tab (TM) 8.9 , Samsung Infuse (TM) 4G , Samsung ATIV S (TM) Neo , Samsung Galaxy S (TM) II , Samsung Galaxy Note (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Express (TM) , Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro (TM)
Sharp® FX (TM) PLUS
Xperia (TM) ion by Sony , sonyPTablet , Sony Xperia (TM) TL
Sony Ericsson:
Sony Ericsson Xperia (TM) X10A , Sony Ericsson Xperia (TM) PLAY 4G


Jill is a former teacher who is now a stay at home mommy, by choice, of her active 7 yr old daughter, Kelsey Anne, in Livonia, Michigan. On the side, she works as a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for a Michigan based Protocol Company with 25 years experience, specializing in creating, managing, and producing gala events for dignitaries, celebrities and non-profit organizations throughout the country. She also volunteers at her daughter's school, has recently started substitute teaching, enjoys entering contests and sweeps, & spending time with her family.
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