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I received a Zeenie Doll in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

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Are you and your family on board the Eco-Friendly lifestyle?  It seems that more and more families are going this route which is a plus not only for our environment, but for healthier living.

You may have noticed that Eco-Friendly is also applying to things like recycled shoes, clothing, etc.  There are now toy manufacturers on board this concept which is very encouraging due to the fact there are so many recalls on toys with chemicals, etc.

I was recently introduced to a new line of dolls that I think is a clever idea.  Since I have all girls living in our home, I jumped on board this opportunity.

Zeenie Dollz are an Eco-Friendly line of dolls make out of recycled materials.  Their motto is:

“Saving the Planet…That’s our Style.”

Lina and Abby

 I received the Lina Zeenie Doll for my 10 year old daughter.  The Lina doll is an Eco-Warrior and is calld the “Protector of Rainforests.”


My daughter is in love with her Zeenie doll.  We recapped what Eco-Friendly stands for and the importance of reducing and reusing items to protect our environment and the earth in general.  She was blown away that the dolls are made from recycled materials.

Bracelet included with Zeenie Doll

Just by touching and looking at the doll you wouldn’t know that this was an Eco-Friendly toy.  It’s so great and I love the concept.  Not only is my daughter a fan of the doll, she is a fan of the Zeenie Dollz website.  There are games, can send messages, get free stuff, and more!

Since receiving her Zeenie Doll, she has requested one for Christmas!  She would like to get Zennia next!  Definitely putting that on our list.  We love Zeenie Dollz!

 Zeenie Dollz

They have a line up of 6 Zeenie Dollz:

  • Zennia: Mother Earth
  • Lina: Protector of Rainforests
  • Evee: Clean Air Environment
  • Yana: Marine Life Protection
  • Kazumi: Polar Regions
  • Sini: Green Farm and Animal Rescue

All dolls are $39.99 {Free Shipping} and include an assigned pet, hair brush, doll stand, bracelet, and Zeenie Dollz membership card.

Proud of her Lina Zeenie Doll!

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