I don’t know about you, but I have a real hard time buying a paper card these days. For one thing they run about $4 and to me, that four dollars could be spent on something more enjoyable and while some people might save the card in their keepsake box and maybe come across it while cleaning out their closet, I think most people read that card and then toss it in the garbage can.

I don’t like to send cards through the mail, but for big holidays, I have my girls make cards for friends and family and they really enjoy this activity. I think it might even be more enjoyable for them than the recipient, but hey, It’s the thought that counts…right?!

Another reason I don’t buy cards very often anymore is because I’ve been trying to be as Eco conscious as I can and I feel that if I can send one less card through the mail, I’m doing my part by helping.

That’s why I went over to Smilebox and tried out their greeting cards. These are no ordinary egreetings. Visit Smilebox.com and create egreetings with your photos and videos, plus add your own music. It’s so easy and it’s free… woohoo! My mom sends me greeting cards through email all the time and I love watching them over and over… it’s a real treat!

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