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Disclaimer: I was invited to a pre-screening of Disney’s The Lone Ranger along with a guest in exchange for this review.  All opinions expressed here are honest and my own.

Any Johnny Depp fans out there?  Just when you thought he couldn’t pull off another character with his full line up all these years, he up and does it again.  This past week I received the fun opportunity of pre screening Disney’s version of The Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.


I will be honest, I am slightly torn about my feelings about the film in general, especially when it comes to the kids.  There is some crude language, gore, and some (saloon girl) risqué material that I was disheartened to see in the film, yet there was fun action packed adventure scenes that stayed true to the classic.


Johnny Depp plays the classic Tonto in The Lone Ranger and did a pretty good job in my opinion with his perception of the character.   Is it his best film to date?  Probably not, but I still enjoyed seeing him portray another role.


The beginning takes you along with a young boy visiting a museum and staring at a wax old version of Tonto as a brave warrior.  It then comes to life and shares with the young boy who he was and how everything unfolded in the classic story.


It takes you through how Tonto came to find The Lone Ranger and how they teamed up on adventures.  My favorite parts of the whole movie was the horse Silver, The Lone Ranger’s sidekick.  It was fun to see how this relationship unfolded.  Man and horse.


There was the classic gun fights through the train, etc. which was pretty exciting along with some humor that you expected from Johnny Depp.

The film was longer than I thought it would be.  I highly recommend that children over the ages of 13 see this movie because of some of the intense scenes.  But, again, this is just my recommendation as you know what your child can handle.

The Lone Ranger does have something for everyone, but that’s just it.  Everyone might just have their favorite part and overlook the rest of the movie as a whole. But as you know, this is just my mom opinion as I am entitled to one, haha.

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The Lone Ranger was released in Theatres on Wednesday, June 3rd.

Did you get a chance to see The Lone Ranger?  What were your thoughts after the movie?  Would love to read your comments and opinions.

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