Halloween Fun With Spot It! Halloween



There are tons of fun things to do this time of year…..

Halloween Spot It 6

Visit the Apple Orchard


 Halloween Spot It 7

Carve a pumpkin

 Halloween Spot It 8


Well here is another fun thing to do – Spot It! Halloween. 

Halloween Spot It 5

It’s a fun card game for 2-8 players aged seven and up….. although we had a five year old playing it and she had a fun too! 

Halloween Spot It 2


Halloween Spot It 1


The game consists of a deck of round cards with several Halloween symbols, you flip them over and the first one to find a match wins that pair of cards. 

Halloween Spot It 3

This game is fun to play and makes us scratch us our head and say “how do two cards always have a match?”.  The other night my husband and son were playing and told me they found a flaw in the cards – there was no match!  After further inspection we found a pair of blue mice!  The game retails for around $13 and is a limited edition.


You can find more information about this fun game by visiting https://www.blueorangegames.com/


I received a free Spot It! Halloween Party Game so that I could review it.  All photo’s and thoughts are my own.  



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