Silver Teapot

I love watching Antiques Roadshow!  It’s so fun to hear the history of items and see people’s faces when they find out what items are worth!  I have a few antiques that have been handed down to me and would love to know if I have a special piece in my possession!

Antiques Roadshow,  has announced its summer 2013 tour, increasing the tour by two cities and the overall number of new episodes in its 18th season to 35.

“By adding more cities to this year’s tour, Roadshow fans will get their fill as we’re producing more Roadshow than ever before,” said executive producer Marsha Bemko. “We’ve expanded to include two additional stops, which means meeting an additional 10,000 guests this summer. With an eight-city tour we’ll be treated to even more discoveries of America’s stories.”

Programs taped during the 2013 summer tour will make up Roadshow’s 18th broadcast season on PBS, premiering in January 2014.

Roadshow’s 2013 tour features local appraisal events at which some of the country’s top experts offer free evaluations of antiques and collectibles—revealing the often-surprising history and value of these items.

Antiques Roadshow’s 2013 stops in Detroit on June 1.



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