This was a fun project that I recently worked on for our school carnival.  It ended up being the prize for the dance contest winner.  I saw this idea on pinterest from Your Homebased Parties and thought it was great. I took it up a notch by adding more layers and more candy.

It is super easy to put together and you can put whatever kind of candy on it that you like.  The choices are endless when it comes to candy – so many different kinds in all types of packaging.  I picked up a few of the cookie tins at a local thrift shop for less than a dollar.



◆ Cookie tins in various sizes – as many or as few as you want.  I ran mine through the dishwasher before I used them.


◆ Candy in all shapes in and sizes – get creative.  I purchased a combo pack at Costco, I think it had 36 candy bars in it and I used most of them.  Then I bought some Rollo’s to cover ugly corners and used Mega Smarties Lolly’s for the topper. If you are making a smaller cake you won’t need that many candy bars.


◆ Double Sided Tape


◆ Ribbons for decorating


◆Sturdy paper cup for the topper




  1. Figure out how you are going to stack your tins, then remove the lids from the tins.
  2. Place the largest tin on the bottom with the opening down.
  3. Place the double sided tape around the edge of the opening of the next tin and stick it to the bottom tin (the tape holds really well).
  4. Repeat this process until you have all your tins stacked.
  5. Beginning on the bottom tin, start placing double sided tape on the back of the candy bars, be generous with the tape (make sure the packaging is all going the same direction – something I forgot to do).  Put the candy all the way around the tin.
  6. Repeat for the remaining layers.
  7. For decoration and extra hold I tied ribbons around the tins too.
  8. For the topper I took a paper cup and punched holes the bottom, decorated it with paper and glitter and then put suckers in the holes.
  9. Once I finished the cake I put it on a piece of foil covered foam board – to make it easier to move around.

I made mine about a week before the dance contest and it held up really well, a few of the candy bars kind of pulled away from the tin but I just pressed them back on.



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11 years ago

I bet the kids went crazy over wanting to win this prize!

11 years ago

I love this idea! Yummy..and it will sure last longer than any bakery cake!!! Thanks