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Design Tricks for Using the Vertical Space in Your Home

Design Tricks for Using the Vertical Space in Your Home

Decorating the lower portions of your rooms comes naturally because most furniture stands on the ground. On the other hand, you can easily neglect to liven up the higher sections of the walls, leaving your house feeling bland and bare. To make your setup more dynamic, take note of these design tricks for using the vertical space in your home.

Utilize Open Shelves

Shelves tend to populate vertical space by design so that it’s convenient for you to reach the items placed in them. For the sake of neatness, many have coverings and doors that close off their interiors from your sight. When you want to make your room’s higher parts more interesting, though, utilizing open shelves can benefit you. This allows you to arrange objects in tasteful ways within them. You can display attractive dishes, books, picture frames, and small pieces of art on open shelves.

Make a Vertical Garden

A unique design trick for using the vertical space in your home is to make a vertical garden. You could do this by obtaining a standing rack that holds several levels of potted plants or by hanging plant baskets from walls with pouches or baskets. A vertical garden will dress up areas that might otherwise remain plain. At the same time, they’ll introduce vibrant green hues and bring life to your home in a way that static art or photos can’t. Moreover, you can use an indoor garden to bond with your kids, since you can have them help with tasks like watering the plants daily.

Install Wallpaper

Paint is common when it comes to forming the surface layer of residential walls. However, an option that can work just as well—but that many people don’t consider—is wallpaper. Wallpaper can have patterns, designs, and textures that you can’t replicate with paint. There are so many styles out there; you’re bound to find one that fits your style. Playful wallpaper that depicts your children’s favorite animals or other characters also exist. Because wallpaper can be much more complex than the average paintjob, you can use it as a way to make your home’s vertical space feel more animated. If you like to play around with characteristics like color, you can also have fun learning how to coordinate wallpaper with window treatments, furniture, and accessories.

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