Clic-It Diaper Bag Review

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs on the planet and a diaper bag that helps keep mom organized is key to helping mom’s job be one that is easier and less stressful.

Introducing the Clic-It diaper bag with deluxe changing kit.  Everything you need easily accessible and organized in a sleek, non-gender specific diaper bag.  The Clic-It allows you to remove or rearrange a variety of accessories like, a bottle holder, key ring, pacifier case, a diaper and wipes case or a gadget case.

I love that it grows and changes with your babies stages!  I also love that it is gender neutral!

The Clic-It keeps me organized when everything else around me might be in utter disarray.  At least I will always be confident in knowing where all of my diaper bag supplies aka baby survival gear is located.

The Clic-It is a great value!  It is $49.99 and the add on accessories run $4.99 to $14.99.  You can find it online at

Courtney Lawless

Courtney is the traveling mom! She has 3 girls and is the founder of Detroit Mommies and currently lives in Florida. You can follow her on Twitter @courtneyRVL.

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