Best Leave-In Conditioner for 2017: Rikoko

What is my best leave-in conditioner for 2017?  Well I’m about to tell you! The fall calendar is booking up with fall weddings, showers, fall field trips and school gatherings. I get the honor of sharing special moments with my friends and family, and having dedicated time carved out for me to be present, to enjoy the moment. Sometimes this isn’t as easy but we must make it happen!

Making sure my hair is on point for upcoming events is important to me. My favorite go-to hair product these days is a leave-in conditioner. I’m always looking for products that maximize my time, smell amazing and make a big impact. For these reasons, I’ve found leave-in conditioner to hit all the checkpoints, and sets a foundation for the blowout and styling tools. At my last color appointment, my stylist was fawning over the Rikoko line that her salon had been selected to carry. She knows I am really into scent, especially anything with earthy notes. And with my mane of hair, she also loves a leave-in for me. Best Leave-In Conditioner for 2017? Rikoko Prism in Opal.

When I first smelled Rikoko Prism in Opal,I was in love. It’s not super heavy, but it stopped me right in my tracks. LOVE. This product is made from coconut oil, vetiver, and passion fruit. Rikoko’s Prism, as promised, hydrated my hair and I could tell it was going to work well for me even before the blowout. I learned that Rikoko Prism has four other blends, and these, my glamour loving moms, are  individually dedicated to the color of YOUR  tresses! My stylist chose Opal for me, since I hover between blond, brunette and rose golds. The Opal brings radiance to all color shades. Are you a glamorous blonde mom? Rikoko Gold is perfect to bring out the best in your lighter hued locks. Beautiful brunette? Rikoko Bronze kicks up your earth tones in hydration and shine. For our radiant red haired moms, Rikoko offers Rikoko Rouge, and ps, I want it. Are you a hot momma rocking a violet shade this season? Rikoko Violet keeps your color passion alive and happy.

After purchase and first at home usage, I was lucky enough to connect with expert colorist Richy Kandasamy via social media. Richy Kandasamy founded Rikoko with along with brand visionaries Renee Cascara. Richy’s passion for his clients, community, history and his talent radiated alright through my electronics! Now you know I was bouncing around, not only loving my new hair care find, but connected with the artist who MADE it really took it up a notch my loves! Way to go Rikoko!

Take a peek at the story of Rikoko’s creation, history and passion. Watching the video is like a mini vacation for your senses. What are you loving for your hair this fall? As always, a moment for self-care and love. Take a look in the mirror and pause to reflect on your beauty through the many obstacles and miracles you’ve experienced. Love is the answer.








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Nicole Pazzi

Nicole Pazzi is a mommy of two beautiful boys, a wife and a digital marketing expert that has a love for beauty, fashion and motherhood. Nicole was born in Michigan and earned her Bachelor of Science in Merchandising/Marketing with the Kappa Omicron Nu Honors Society from Western Michigan University. When Nicole isn’t attending PTA meetings, or spending time with family, she ties her advertising skills and her experiences as a local consumer into one dynamic package for her communities. A working mom is what she is, and an inspiration to us all by learning to juggle mommy-hood and an amazing career.

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