This morning I got a call from WDIV wanting to interview me about the Infantino sling recall that had taken place because of the deaths of three infants that have been linked to popular slings.

I had actually been given one of the Infantino SlingRider slings by a neighbor after having a conversation about wanting to get a sling for my then infant.  I tried it once and then gave it back.  When I put my infant in the sling I noticed how it enveloped her and I was scared she would suffocate.  I’m glad I went with my gut, “motherly” instinct and don’t have to deal with what these mothers who have lost their babies from using this sling are having to deal with.

After using that sling, I later got a carrier from Baby Bjorn that I used when we went to theme parks.  The Infantino SlingRider had turned me off to slings.

Then, when I was pregnant with my 3rd daughter, which is now 15 months, I also became a product reviewer.  I still had that urge to wear a sling to be able to have my baby close and still be able to do other things like pick up toys my older children left around, walk to the mailbox, ect.  I was approached by Cute Slings and decided to try baby wearing one more time.

The experience with Baby Slings was much different than with Infantino SlingRider.  I didn’t feel like my baby was being “sucked in” by all the fabric.  I still made sure she looked safe and checked on my sleeping baby, but the way the sling was constructed didn’t give me cause to worry.

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