My girls were each sent a PJ Sparkles while I was participating in an online party on Twitter hosted by Amy from Resourceful Mommy. I was so excited when I got the message that I won because my girls love little dolls. They will spend hours playing with little Disney Princess dolls and Barbies, so I know these would be a hit!

When the dolls arrived, they were super excited! I removed them from the boxes and gather all of the small little parts. The dolls came with a little bear, present, a brush, a wand and balloons. Gotta love those little things that the vacuum loves to find hiding in the carpet.

Anyway, two thumbs up on PJ Sparkles! She lights up when you push the heart on her chest, she’s cute and can be stuck in a purse to keep the kids occupied while out to dinner and I checked out the price at Target and she’s under $10 (for the pocket sized dolls). Great birthday gift idea for a 2-5 year old!

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