I love unique gift ideas! And I especially like unique gift ideas for kids that are educational as well as entertaining!

The Lollipop Book Club specializes in the gift of books for children. Each book arrives in a big red envelope with a handcrafted lollipop and a note from the gift-giver (on a sticker for the inside of the book).

You can choose books that have a holiday theme like Easter or Thanksgiving, books by age, parent’s favorites, ect. You can also choose from different packages like 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or 12 months.

I just love this idea and think it is an excellent gift idea that is both fun and fulfilling!

Lollipop Book Club would like to offer my readers:

$3 off any single, hardcover package- enter “sale3off” at checkout
$10 off any 12-month package- enter “sale10off” at checkout

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