If you have a gift to get for a candy or food connoisseur then the candy by Das Foods is your best bet! Their candy is unique in every way. From the names of the lollipops to the flavors of the caramels, these are truly like nothing you have ever tasted!
With lollipops named “Man Bait” that taste like maple syrup and bacon, “Naughty Ginger” that is ginger and lemon flavored, “Caramelini Me Happy” that has a salty/sweet caramel flavor and “Fab-O-Pom” that is an orange pomegranate mix, your taste buds won’t know what’s going in in your mouth!
My favorite caramel was the “Ginger Pistachio.” When you first unwrap the caramel, you’ll see tiny specs of green which is the pistachio and golden specs of candied ginger. If you are in the mood for traditional caramel, you will be disappointed. These caramels are far from the creamy, rich, milky flavor of a traditional caramel and that’s what makes them unique!
With Easter right around the corner you now have a unique gift idea! You can find these treasures online at Das Foods
Detroit Mommies Expert Contributor
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