Samsung Galaxy Tab takes the cake

Before demoing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, no single device caused me to actually caused me to question my phone. I’ve reviewed a Droid X for crying out loud. And while it’s an amazing phone, I was okay with going back to my Droid Eris and living my life. Ever since this sweet little tablet arrived, I have wondered if I should make the switch back to a basic phone and purchase the Galaxy to carry around with me for mobile use.

Keep in touch while on the go with the Samsung Continuum

Between the craziness of work, home and all of my extracurricular activities, I stay connected to my friends and family through Facebook and Twitter. Sad, I know. But very commonplace today. The new Samsung Continuum phone from Verizon Wireless helps keep you up-to-date, even while you’re on the go.

Review: EZ Sox make dressing easier

A few weeks ago, two pairs of EZ Sox were delivered to me for this review. I thought my three-year-old daughter had putting on her socks down. She would struggle for a while but eventually get them on. Then I handed her a pair of EZ Sox and showed her how to use the tabs to pull them up. Now, they are the only socks she wants to wear.