Jewelry Talk

Why Is Everyone Talking About Moissanite?

This interesting jewel gets its name from the French scientist, Henri Moissan. Interestingly, it is actually the mineral form of silicon carbide, and he was the first person to identify it. Moissanite shines more brightly than a diamond or any other known gem, making it superior to many other
stones in many ways

Spending the Day at Eastern Market

  I absolutely love spending the day at Eastern Market downtown Detroit. The wide selection of organic fruits and vegetables from Michigan farmers is like nowhere else here in our Mitten state. Aside from the fresh produce, meats and wonderful homemade desserts, I also make it a point to visit every spring for flowers for …

Mungi Bands – the Fun New Jewelry for Kids. *Review and Giveaway*

Have you seen these new silicone bands that click together and stay together with a magnet?  They’re called Mungi Bands (pronounced moon-gee). They come in really cute designs for either boys or girls.  They’re intended for kids ages 8 and up and cost around $7 for a package of three bands.   It takes two …

Win $200 From LuShae Jewelry

Winning this contest is so easy, it’s almost a joke. All you have to do is place a banner of your choice (they have 9 to chose from) on your blog or website and if your name is chosen in LuShae Jewerly’s monthly drawing, you win $200 to spend wherever, whenever you’d like. The catch, …