8 Cell Phone Etiquette Tips for Kids and Teens

They other day I was at the airport flying from Minneapolis to Chicago. With an hour to spare, I decided to dive into a book I’m reading, “Lean In”. One problem. A teenage boy was pacing back and forth while speaking loudly on his phone which made it impossible to concentrate. I would have moved, but the …

Samsung Galaxy S® 4 ~ 4G LTE REVIEW

  For the last few weeks, I was fortunate enough to review and use the Samsung Galaxy S 4 through Verizon Wireless. I can tell you that this particular phone attracted a lot of attention while I was out and about. I had numerous people ask me if I liked it, would I recommend it, …

Lucid 2 By LG REVIEW

For the past month, I was lucky enough to test out the Lucid 2 by LG through Verizon Wireless.  I made some great memories with this amazing phone!  This smartphone was very easy to use. I even allowed my parents to try it out since they have never had a smartphone before. They were equally impressed.  Whether …

Samsung Galaxy Tab takes the cake

Before demoing the Samsung Galaxy Tab, no single device caused me to actually caused me to question my phone. I’ve reviewed a Droid X for crying out loud. And while it’s an amazing phone, I was okay with going back to my Droid Eris and living my life. Ever since this sweet little tablet arrived, I have wondered if I should make the switch back to a basic phone and purchase the Galaxy to carry around with me for mobile use.

Review-Samsung Reality packs a multimedia punch

I’m a smartphone user. So when Verizon Wireless provided me with a Samsung Reality, I wasn’t really sure how to handle it. I need a phone that can do it all. What do you mean this phone can’t tie my shoes and make my coffee? After a few days with it, I realized that for many people, this phone is enough.