Camping with Kids-It happens

Last fall, we decided to take a weekend jaunt to a local state park. Only about an hour from our house, we figured this was the perfect time to introduce our three month old to a past time her entire family enjoys. Little did we know what was waiting for us!

Camping with Kids-The Destination

I’ve come to loath car rides that last longer than two hours. I can’t entertain two children in the back seat for that length of time. I can only sing “Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes” so many time before I actually want to sever my own vocal chords. We have found, however, that we can still get away without having to drive that far to do it.

Camping with Kids-New Traditions

While we were camping this weekend, we were taking a walk down the beach and we came upon this pile of painted rocks. We decided to go back to our camper and create a rock of our own to place with the others. And we decided to make it a tradition

Camping with Kids-Packing the clothes

I hate suitcases in our camper. The home-on-wheels came equipped with plenty of storage so it seems silly to haul around a box filled with our clothes that doesn’t fit in any of those storage compartments. I like to simplify, simplify, simplify. So using a bunch of giant resealable bags (think Ziploc here), I pack up our kids clothes and keep everything organized.

Camping with kids-Dining Out

Camping is a “thing” my family does. And by my family, I don’t just mean me and my husband and our children. I mean, I grew up camping. My grandparents traveled the United States in a motor home and then with a fifth wheel. That was luxury. Recliners, carpet throughout the trailers, glass dishes. Yes, glass dishes. So civilized. In our camper, that doesn’t happen.

Camping with Kids-First trip of the season under our belts

We hardly rough it. We have a 22 foot travel trailer with air conditioning and enough beds for all of us. We don’t even use sleeping bags, but instead sleep with sheets and comforters. So I won’t pretend camping is a struggle, but with two children under the age of three, there are challenges.