How to Teach Your Children to Value Self-Care

After a long and stressful day, some people want nothing more than to go for a run, while others prefer to fill the bath and take a hot soak. You may indulge in your favorite treat or do yoga. Regardless of the activity, all of this is a form of self-care, and learning these habits during childhood equips us for the future. Delve into how you can teach your child to value self-care so that you can guide your kids to a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Explain What Self-Care Is

Before you start any habits with your child, you need to explain what self-care is and why it’s important. Kids are curious, and understanding why something is important makes it easier for them to value it.

Self-care is an approach to taking care of your mind, body, and emotions. It’s about recognizing when you’re running low on mental, emotional, or physical strength and knowing how to replenish it.

When explaining self-care to your child, you can tell them that it’s about nourishing our bodies, doing activities we enjoy, and being with people we love.

Parenting Tip

Keep conversations age-appropriate and use terms that will make sense to your child. An elementary-aged child may not understand the nuances of mental and emotional strength, but they know what it means to feel stressed or upset.

Plan the Right Activities

The next tip for teaching your child to value self-care is to list activities that make them feel good. You can start by asking your child what they enjoy doing and then build from there. The key is to offer various options and allow your child to choose what feels most comforting and enjoyable.

Since self-care isn’t one-size-fits-all, the activities should match your child’s interests and personality. An energetic child might find joy and rejuvenation in a day filled with physical activities like biking, swimming, or a simple game of tag. Alternatively, a child who values relaxation may prefer a home spa day complete with a bubble bath and massage.

Parenting Tip

When you plan a spa day, child robes are an essential bathtime itemsince they’re plush and warm. Premium comfort will take your child’s soak to the next level as you help them practice self-care habits.

Lead by Example

Children learn by example and look up to their parents, so when they see you prioritizing your well-being, they recognize the value in doing the same.

If you feel stressed about scheduling time for your care, remember that there’s no minimum time requirement. Carving out 10 minutes daily or 30 minutes weekly allows you to take some time for yourself.

Parenting Tip

Creating a care routine for yourself and your child can take time, but it’s worth the effort. Start with one or two activities and gradually add more as you find what works best for your family. What’s most important is teaching your child to value self-love and providing them with outlets they can carry throughout life.

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