What is the Right Age for a Child to WearJewelry?

What is the Right Age for a Child to Wear Jewelry?

Explore the suitable age for children to wear jewelry, from baby’s ear piercings to tween’s necklaces. Consider safety and age-appropriateness.

Jewelry is a beautiful accessory for all ages, but it has its limits. Many experts debate what the right age is for a child to wear jewelry. While you may want your little one to wear jewelry because of cultural or religious beliefs or for a special occasion, you’ll need to proceed with caution.

Pierce Baby’s Ears

Many people want to pierce their baby’s ears as soon as possible. Sometimes, this is for cultural or religious reasons, while other parents want to get this painful experience out of the way while they can still easily care for the piercings.


Most doctors recommend waiting to pierce your baby’s ears until after they are three months old due to their new immune systems. By three months, your baby’s immune system has significantly improved, reducing the risk of infection. However, you should discuss this decision with your pediatrician beforehand, as they can provide specific advice based on your baby’s health and medical history.

Toddlers Shouldn’t Wear Jewelry Below the Knee

The biggest risks for babies and toddlers wearing jewelry are often suffocation from necklaces and choking on small earring parts or bracelets. However, anklets also pose a danger to toddlers since they could hit them or trip over loose ones while learning to walk and play. To prevent accidents, you should avoid anklets and any other jewelry that dangles or hangs low.


After the age of three, or whenever your child is confidently walking, you can consider allowing them to wear anklets.

They Can Wear Necklaces

Unfortunately, necklaces can pose potential choking and suffocation hazards. If a younger child wants to dress up for a supervised special occasion, you can use your parental discretion to permit or forbid it.


Most children can wear necklaces unsupervised once they’re 12 years or older. Base your decision on how mature your child is and whether they understand the safety risks of wearing jewelry, especially long necklaces.

How to Pick Age-Appropriate Pieces

As your child grows older, their taste in jewelry will evolve. Many young children enjoy wearing plastic costume jewelry but will want nicer pieces as they get older. Older children may also want jewelry that’s significant to them, such as something symbolic of their culture or religion. For example, an Easter basket gift idea is a cross necklace, which a Christian tween may appreciate

Safety First

Whatever your child wants to wear, put safety and durability first. Seek out materials like hypoallergenic metals and durable stones, avoiding delicate or fragile items that can break easily. Lightweight pieces with secured clasps are ideal for younger children, while more intricate designs are best for more responsible tweens and teens.

Figuring out what the right age is for a child to wear jewelry involves considering both safety and age-appropriateness. Observe how your child interacts with jewelry a they age so that you can help them accessorize safely.

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