4 Indoor and Outdoor Snow Day Activities for Kids

4 Indoor and Outdoor Snow Day Activities for Kids

It’s no secret that kids love snow days. When the wind is whipping, and the snow is coming down in heaps, almost every child waits in anticipation to hear that school is out for the day. However, as a parent, you may be wondering how to entertain your children on a blustery winter day. Continue reading to discover some indoor and outdoor snow day activities for kids.

Hot Chocolate Bar

After your kids spend time playing in the snow outside, they’ll love warming up with a big mug of hot chocolate. Set up a hot chocolate bar with all the delicious fixings to make the experience even more special. Include whipped cream, sprinkles, candy pieces, chocolate chips, and marshmallows to ensure your kids can create a decadent masterpiece.

If you have younger children, it’s best to make the hot chocolate ahead of time and have them add the toppings. Once everyone has made their cup of deliciousness, you can all enjoy a movie together or play a board game by the fire.

Build a Fort

Children will love spending their snow day building an elaborate fort. They can use sheets, chairs, pillows, and anything else around the house to construct a fort with different rooms and maybe even secret tunnels.

Plus, fort building is serious business—the process will independently engage your kids for quite some time. If you work from home or need to focus on a specific task, your little ones will stay busy for a while. Once they build the fort, your kids will love playing in it for the rest of the day.

Snowball Fight

When it comes to indoor and outdoor snow day activities for kids, it doesn’t get more classic than an old-fashioned snowball fight. A snowball fight is an exhilarating way for your kids to stay active and burn through some energy.

Depending on the ages of your children, you may need to establish some ground rules before the fight begins. Namely, don’t throw a snowball in someone’s face, and don’t add ice or rocks to your snowball. As an alternative to throwing the balls at one another, your kids can see who can make the biggest snowball or who can throw it the farthest.

Snow Angels

Snow angels are self-explanatory, but they’re another classic childhood winter activity to consider. Younger kids will particularly enjoy bundling up in their cold-weather gear and running outside to lay in the snow.

To make your snow angels a bit more interesting, encourage your children to decorate them with outdoor objects. Pinecones, sticks, and berries will help your kids bring their snow angels to life.

Children remember the magic of a snow day for years. With these indoor and outdoor ideas in mind, you can easily create lasting memories for your little ones.

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