3 Things to Pack for the First Day of Preschool

3 Things to Pack for the First Day of Preschool

Sending your child to school for the first time is the epitome of a bittersweet moment. You’re simultaneously flooded with the desire to keep your baby by your side forever and the excitement of watching them grow and flourish on their own.

To make the experience as seamless as possible, think about some things to pack for the first day of preschool. With careful planning, your child will have everything they need for a successful school year!


A high-quality backpack is one of the most important items for preschoolers. Your child will be able to carry all their essentials at once. Plus, their teacher can send home school notices or artwork they made in class! Before purchasing a backpack, have your child try it on to make sure it fits their small frame. You want your little one to be able to carry their backpack easily!

If you allow your child to pick out their own backpack, they’ll feel even more excited for the first day of school. Consider a bag in their favorite color or something with their favorite book, movie, or cartoon character. You may be surprised how exciting a backpack can be for a first-time student!

Water Bottle

Since you won’t be around throughout the day to encourage your child to drink water, it’s a good idea to pack a leak-proof water bottle for them. Make sure your child can easily open and close it on their own. Most child-size backpacks have side pockets that can hold the bottle.

Since kids are sometimes rough with their possessions, get them a water bottle that can withstand some wear and tear. A stainless steel water bottle will withstand the chaos of a preschool classroom and keep the water cold for many hours. Don’t forget to invest in a spill-proof design so your child doesn’t accidentally soak their clothes.

Extra Clothes

Another important thing to pack for the first day of preschool is an extra set of clothes. You’ll want to pack them a seasonally appropriate set of clothes, including extra socks and underwear, in case of fashion emergencies. Remember to change the spare outfits every few months to fit the current climate.

It’s also nice to send a handful of resealable plastic bags with your child so their teacher can send home dirty clothes. Kids seem to be magnets for messes, but these tips should bring you peace of mind that they’ll be alright in the classroom, regardless of what the day brings.

Although it can be difficult to learn how to encourage independence in your growing toddler, it’s important to allow them to explore new environments. Preschool is an exciting time of growth and development for both parents and children. Take a deep breath and send your child to school with a smile. You’ve got this!

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