A Helpful Guide for Painting Lace with Kids

A Helpful Guide for Painting Lace with Kids

Arts and crafts are great ways to help your kids express themselves and develop various life skills. Painting is a specific art form that allows for creative expression and helps develop patience, confidence, and perspective. If you want to help your kids paint and give them a unique project, you can give them lace. Keep reading to get a helpful guide for painting lace with kids, so you can assist them through this fun activity.

Prepare Your Space

When dealing with paint, kids can make a big mess. Place protective cloth or paper down on your table or whatever work surface you use in case your kids spill their paint. You should also put younger children in protective clothes or smocks. This way, if they spill paint on themselves, they don’t ruin any important clothes.

Decide How You’ll Use the Lace

There are two ways you can paint with lace: painting the lace itself or using the lace to make a print. You can allow the kids to pick, or you can make an executive decision based on what you think will be easier for them.

Painting directly onto the lace will require lots of fine motor skills, which is best for older children. Young children will find it easier to paint over lace to create a printed pattern. Lace patterns are just one way to add lace to craft projects, and they look beautiful on paper or canvas.

Pick Your Paint

How you paint with lace will determine which paint you should pick. If you want to paint directly onto the lace but still admire the lace pattern, you should use watercolors. The light colors will stain the lace, but you can still hold the lace up to the light and see the intricate knots and loops.

On the other hand, if you use the lace as a stencil, you can use thicker paints such as acrylic. The thicker paint will brush over the lace and transfer the pattern well. However, it will probably clog the lace itself, so this is a one-and-done project.

We hope you found this guide helpful for painting lace with kids. This creative project is a great way to help your kids express themselves and do something unique.

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