Reasons Why You Should Stretch Your Body Every Day

Reasons Why You Should Stretch Your Body Every Day

As a busy mom, you may find it difficult to take care of your body while balancing work obligations and personal
responsibilities. Even so, you need to start giving yourself some TLC because a study on chronic pain among U.S.
adults revealed that women are more susceptible to it, compared to men. What’s more, women are less likely to
engage in physical activities, but these are important in both preventing chronic pain and maintaining one’s health.
Luckily, one doesn’t need to engage in strenuous exercises to stave off chronic pain. All it takes is some regular

How Can Daily Stretches Benefit You? There’s a reason why it feels so great to stretch. An article on the ‘Benefits of Stretching’ points out that regular stretching improves the flexibility and strength of your muscles. This conditions your body, lowering the risk of joint pain and muscle damage in the long run. Stretching becomes even more significant as you age since your joint movement can become stiff and limited. However, regular stretches serve as a preventive measure against the degeneration of your bones, muscles, and joints.

Stretches That You Can Do Everyday

Stretching isn’t strenuous or time-consuming, which makes it a great physical activity for busy moms! In fact, it’s
recommended that you stretch at least three days per week to maximize the benefits. So, here are some examples of
the stretches that you can do regularly:

For Your Neck






If you spend a lot of time working in front of a computer, then you’ve likely experienced a stiff neck. Recognizing the
daily struggles of busy moms, health and wellness website SymptomFind offers plenty of resources on healthy living.
To illustrate, their article on stiff necks recommends a simple stretching routine. Move your ear toward your shoulder
blade, then hold the position for 30 seconds. After, do the same in the opposite direction for another 30 seconds.
Repeat the sequence twice on each side. This will get rid of the tension in your neck and upper back.

For Your Chest and Shoulders






A stretch for your chest and shoulder is another great option that working moms should do regularly. To do this, clasp
your hands together behind your back. Straighten your arms, making sure your hands are still interlocked. Then, lift
them as high as you can, holding for five-second intervals before moving them back down. Do this ten times to maximize the stretch. This will loosen up your chest muscles and biceps, making your upper body feel less tight, helping you breathe easier.

For Your Hips




Are you a new mom? News publication Philadelphia Inquirer has a wellness section with an article on stretches for
moms. One of its recommendations is a quick and simple hip stretch. Start by getting into a lunge position with your
right leg forward. Your hands should be beside your right foot, shoulder-width apart. This will help you balance. Now,
hold the position for at least 30 seconds before switching your feet. Doing this stretch can strengthen your hips as
well as reduce back injuries.

For Your Hamstring





The last stretch we recommend is for your hamstrings. This one can be done while standing up, so you can do it
anywhere. Stretch your hamstrings by extending your right foot forward. Then, bend your knee and point your toes
upward until you feel a stretch in the back of your right leg. Hold this position for 30 seconds then repeat it on the
other side. Hamstring stretches are essential in increasing your lower body’s range of motion. By stretching your
hamstrings, you can easily walk, climb, or bend over.

Stretching won’t only feel great after a long day, it can also improve your mobility and reduce chronic pain. In the long
run, this will make for a healthier and more active routine. For more mom tips and tricks, read our articles on Detroit
Mommies. Our resources on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, health, travel, and kids will help you improve your family’s day-
to-day life.


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