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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Bows

Top Tips for Choosing the Right Hair Bows

As a mother, you spend countless hours throughout the week managing your young child’s appearance. Morning showers, outfit changes, personal hygiene—since your child can’t handle these tasks on their own, you must step in. And when you dress your child, you have so many opportunities for creativity. If you love to accessorize your youngster, check out these top tips for choosing the right hair bows.

Decide on a Style

Every hair bow has a style that will impact how your child looks while wearing it. First, you must sort out the kind of bows and shapes that match your child’s wardrobe. The first thing you should look for is color and pattern. You’ll want a plain-colored bow that you can use as a staple of their wardrobe. However, you should also venture out into cute and spunky hair bows with patterns and prints your child loves. If your child is nonverbal and can’t choose for themselves, then you can play around with the polka dots and patterned images yourself.

Consider the Practical Side

Hair bows are beautiful, but they must get into your child’s hair and stay there all day. As a parent, you must consider the practical side of hair bow use. How does the bow attach? Where will it go? How will it stay up all day long? All these questions and more will help you decide between headband and clip bows that utilize different attachment methods.

Make One Yourself

If you’re a crafty parent and love to dress up your child, you should design a DIY hair bow. While the ones at the store often come in perfectly crisp shapes, homemade accessories add a loving touch to your child’s outfit. For example, you could make a boutique bow and tie it into your child’s hair for a fashionable touch.

With these top tips for choosing the right hair bows, you can make the most of your child’s outfits. While you can’t dress them for their whole life, you can impact their fashion at a young age. Make the most of your child’s style now with a few glamorous hair bows.

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