The Best Gift Ideas for New Drivers

The Best Gift Ideas for New Drivers

If your teen recently got their license, why not celebrate their new freedom with a few essentials they’ll need in their car this holiday season? Combine a few practical items with fun, handy gadgets so your teen will be ready to conquer the road independently. Here are a few of the best gift ideas for new drivers this Christmas.  

Safety Essentials  

While they won’t be the most fun to put under the tree, there are some items every driver must have in their car. From a tool kit to jumper cables, the new driver in your house will be relieved to have these items when they need them. Of course, these items can always accompany a more fun car gadget to make the gift more exciting.   

Seat and Steering Wheel Covers  

If your teen is driving an old car with a beat-up interior, gift them some new seat covers. Not only will these protect their vehicle, but it will add some personality as well. Throw in a matching steering wheel cover for added comfort and style.   

A Car Organizer  

Car organizers are the perfect gift for messy teens. If you think your teen will have a hard time keeping their car clean, get them an organizer to hold all their accessories. Organizers come in many variations with plenty of pockets and storage space for all different items. Add a seat hook to the gift as well so your teen can easily hang their purses, coats, or backpack instead of throwing it in the backseat.  

Extra Chargers  

Chargers are a hot commodity. Gift your teen with an extra vehicle-compatible phone charger or two, so they don’t end up with a dead phone on the road or a lost charger after moving it in and out of their car and room.  

A Cell Phone Holder  

No parent wants their teen distracted by text messages and social media while behind the wheel. To avoid this hazard, consider getting them a cell phone holder. A cell phone holder will keep their phone out of their hands and help them navigate. Unless their vehicle has a built-in navigation system, they’ll likely rely on their phone. A mounted cell phone holder will aid in hands-free navigation.  

Every car owner needs a plethora of accessories and safety essentials. To set your new driver up, consider these best gift ideas for new drivers this holiday season.

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