How To Maintain Your Living Room Furniture

How To Maintain Your Living Room Furniture

You probably use your living room furniture the most out of all the pieces in your home. Your family uses the living room to spend time together and enjoy one another’s company. We usually place the most comfortable couches and sofas in the living room, because of how much time we spend there. Here is how to maintain your living room furniture to keep everything comfortable and stylish.

Vacuum and Fluff

You should make sure to vacuum your furniture when you’re doing the floors in the room. Dust on the fabric can cause premature wear. This is especially important if you have pets. Cat and dog hair can ruin many materials if left alone.

After you vacuum, be sure to fluff your cushions to shake out any dust missed by the vacuum cleaner. Fluffing your cushions also helps them preserve their shape, and it extends their lifespan.

Prevent Exposure

Another great way to maintain your living room furniture is to prevent exposure as much as possible. Here are a few factors that can damage your furniture.


Any liquid can ruin your furniture, so you should keep them away whenever possible. This includes moisture from spills, leaks, and bodily fluids.


Light can damage some fabrics, especially leather. This leads to peeling and tears in the upholstery.

Children and Pets

You should also keep children and pets away from furniture. They can damage the integrity of the furniture and cause premature wear on the upholstery.

Chemical Caution

One of the most common furniture care mistakes that people make is using the wrong type of cleaning solution on their sectionals. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s guide to read their recommendations for caring for the piece. You can typically find the care and warranty information on the tag, so be sure to leave this attached. Read it before using any chemicals or cleaners.

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