Ways To Spark Your Children’s Imagination While at Home

Ways To Spark Your Children’s Imagination While at Home

Millions of kids are stuck inside this year to slow the spread of COVID-19. Even though schools are doing e-learning, parents must also try their hardest to foster a creative environment for their little ones. No couch potatoes allowed! Here are some ways to spark your children’s’ imagination while at home this year.

Give Them Their Own Space

One way to help a child’s imagination run wild is to create a fantastic personal space for them. Understandably, kids get bored staring at the same four walls every day. Do some interior decorating and take your child’s room to the next level to spark creativity. Perhaps use chalkboard paint as an accent wall or buy them a beanbag chair on which they can complete their schoolwork. The more personal the space is, the more they’ll think outside the box.


Kids use their imagination a lot when they hear an exciting story. Try designating a reading time each day to keep your little ones’ minds stimulated. They’ll have a blast listening to the adventures of Peter Pan or the harrowing tales of Harry Potter. When children hear of heroes accomplishing things in mythical worlds, they’ll believe that nothing is impossible in real life. It will also help them realize that there is more to life than what is happening now, and they can begin their own adventures once this crisis ends.

Arts & Crafts

Setting aside some time for arts and crafts is another way to spark your children’s imagination while at home. Arts and crafts help promote creativity, as little ones are free to make whatever they want. If you have multiple children, it will be exciting to see what each child makes using the same supplies. Ask your kids why they decide to make one craft over the other. Engaging in these conversations will help them improve their communication skills.

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