How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

How To Introduce Your Dog To Your Baby

There’s nothing more exciting than adding a new family member to the bunch. Having a baby is one of life’s most precious gifts. Yet, things can get rather complicated if you had pets before your child arrived. Everyone will have to adjust to each other’s presence and create a new normal. These are three tips on how to introduce your dog to your baby. Soon enough, your two loves will be best friends.

Keep Your Pup Calm

Any pet owners wondering how to introduce your dog to your baby should start by keeping Fido calm. The last thing you need is for your furry friend to be anxious when you bring your little one in the door. Instead, ask your partner to walk in ahead of you. Hopefully, your partner can calm your puppy down and let them know everything will be alright. Remember to stay level-headed as you walk through the front door with your newborn. Don’t act overexcited or use high tones in your voice. Try to stay calm, and your dog will be calm, too.

Crate Train Beforehand

There are so many reasons you should crate train a dog. Crate training your pup is super convenient, and it’ll make your life so much easier when you have a baby crawling around. You’ll be so thankful that your furry friend is crate trained when it’s time to introduce the pair. If you can put your doggo in a crate when you walk in the door with your child, things will be much calmer. Keep your loyal companion in their crate while the baby gets adjusted to their new home. Then, you can take your pup out once they get their wits about them.

Show Affection to Both

Fido may get a little jealous of the new child in your life. One way to make sure introductions go well is to show affection to both parties. Have your partner pet your pup while you’re bringing the little one inside. Reassure your furry friend and give them lots of treats while they’re sniffing your newborn. Also, make sure that the affection extends beyond the initial introductions. Play with your puppy during the first couple of weeks as a new family so they know you still care.

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