A Guide to Common Illnesses in Babies

A Guide to Common Illnesses in Babies

Babies have very gentle immune systems and can get sick quite easily. This is why it’s important for those handling your baby to have clean hands and a clean bill of health. Anyone feeling under the weather should stay away from infants. There are still a few conditions that are common for babies to suffer from. Here is a guide to common illnesses in babies.


Croup is a very common infection in children, and it tends to affect babies more than older children. Typically, croup begins when your baby develops a cold. Babies can get the common cold just as adults do. Croup develops throughout the cold. A baby suffering from croup will have a distinct cough that sounds like barking. They may also exhibit abnormally loud breathing, a fever, and other cold-like symptoms. If your baby is showing signs of croup, call your pediatrician to discuss treatment and severity. Croup is not a serious condition, but it can lead to more serious conditions if left unmonitored.

Ear Infection

Ear infections are extremely common in children under the age of five and many children will get multiple ear infections throughout their first five years. Similar to croup, ear infections typically happen in children after the onset of a common cold or another sickness. Ear infections are not a serious condition, but they are very uncomfortable for your baby and may affect their ability to sleep and eat enough. Watch for signs and symptoms of an ear infection when your baby is suffering from a cold.

Whooping cough

Whooping cough is a more serious condition that is very common in babies. It is the most serious in babies under a year old. Whooping cough is an infection of the lungs and airways caused by bacteria. It is highly infectious and causes severe coughing. Babies under two months of age are at a higher risk of developing and getting a severe case of whooping cough because they cannot have the vaccination until after that age. If you are worried your baby may be developing whooping cough, take them to the pediatrician.

There are many illnesses that are common in babies. To protect your child from these and any other diseases, take steps to prevent the spread of illness. Anyone handling your baby should wash their hands thoroughly beforehand. Any sick people should be kept away from the baby. Disinfect surfaces your baby touches and wash their toys and bedding often. Taking these steps can help keep your baby stay happy and healthy.

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