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10 Habits for a Healthy, Happy Mom

Follow These Guidelines to Keep the Mom in You Healthy and Happy

It’s true, as Moms we can get stuck in our groove and at times can get lost in our own worlds. For the most part, that’s okay but when our mood and mental health start to become challenged by our own habits, it’s time to wake up!

Thinking of others is what we do. At times, we often forget about ourselves. On that note, I’ve put together ten “must-do” habits to keep your body and mind, healthy and happy.

Ask for Help

It’s completely okay to ask for help. Letting go just a little bit to go grocery shopping alone, shop with girlfriends or have a date night with the hubby is perfectly allowed. Give yourself a chance to take a break once in a while and allow a sitter, grandmother or family member watch the little one while your away.

Go Do Something (Yes, that means leave the house.)

When was the last time you went outside or ran errands all by yourself? Getting out of the house and getting some fresh air and sunlight can do wonders for a Mom who is typically stuck inside working, cooking, cleaning and managing nap times.

Plan a Fun Outing or Trip

If you don’t want to leave the kids behind, plan a fun family-friendly trip or vacation. It could be a day on the town or a week-long adventure in a new town. Either way, you’ll love the change in schedule and the opportunity to see new places and learn new experiences.

Get Your Fashionable Groove On

Get out of those sweats and put something pretty on! Moms who take care of themselves feel good about themselves and even feel happier and sexy. Give it a try by wearing a skirt for a change, throw on some kitten heels and a new lipstick. Don’t save these items for a special occasion. Life is a special occasion so go ahead and dress up. Don’t give up!

Mom Kissing Baby

Eat and Sleep (Yes, you’re allowed.)

Sleep-deprived kids and babies are cranky. And guess what, Moms are too! If the little one is keeping you up at night, sleep when they sleep during the day. Or, have Dad get up with the baby every other night so you can share the responsibility of those late night shifts and also share the idea of glorious sleep!


Exercise makes the body feel good! Exercise reduces stress, gets you in tune with your body, helps fight postpartum blues and helps get rid of unwanted baby fat. Exercise may seem like a chore so start off slow and give yourself a minimum of 30 minutes a day. You can work your way up from there.

Plan a Girl’s Night Out

Some of us forget we were girls before we became Moms. Girlfriends are important and so is good girl talk! Plan a fun ladies lunch or a night on the town with your closest girlfriends. You’ll feel refreshed and renewed plus your friendships will grow stronger.

Plan Ahead

Once you get the hang of your child’s schedule (yes, they need to be on a schedule for their peace of mind and yours), you’ll find it easier to plan ahead. Get something on the calendar in the near future that will make you happy such as lunch with friends, date night with your significant other or a shopping trip alone. You deserve it! How about this idea… For every playdate you schedule, put something on the calendar for yourself too!

Choose a Hobby

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “who the heck has time for a hobby?” You do. Trust me. While the kids are asleep, self-entertaining or at school, try to find a hobby you enjoy. It’s been proven that hobbies ease the mind and help improve self-confidence.

Schedule a Playdate with Other Moms and Kids

There are times when Moms exclude themselves from others simply because the kid’s schedules are a tad overwhelming or they feel like they are “too busy”. Don’t let the kids have all the fun. Schedule a playdate and let the kids play while you and the other Moms connect and have adult conversations. Moms can really learn a lot from each other and just by simply listening to other Mom’s stories, you’ll quickly learn there are other gals that are feeling the exact same way as you. This will help ease any stress or anxieties you may have about motherhood and will allow you to bond with like-minded parents.

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