Crazy Springtime Schedules and Tips to Help Survive Them!


5 Tips to Survive Busy Springtime Schedules

It’s that time of the year when all of a sudden, your family schedule becomes packed! It’s stressful and can be an overwhelming time.

Kid’s winter sports and clubs continue and then spring sports start. Your family is managing multi-kids and multi-sports, and it can be every day the family is going nonstop. Also, it seems schools and non-profits are having all kinds of luncheons and events of their own as well. This time of the year, there aren’t enough hours in the day. Here are some tips for surviving Springtime schedules…

The first tip, have a shared electronic calendar for the entire family. Make the calendar with a different color for each person. If your child has a smartphone, they should be invited to events so they can learn how to manage schedules as well. Teaching time management at a young age can be very beneficial. The older kids can also start to learn how to put calendar events on the calendar and share with you too. Managing many schedules can be challenging. To keep it going, using an electronic calendar can save time and help communicate what’s going on.

There are many options to do this like, iCalendar, Google calendar, and Cozy are great tools to use.  Using a shared electronic calendar can also help when parents have to share the driving responsibilities. They can discuss the logistics of getting the kids to practices, competitions, and games.

The second tip, try to work out carpools. Just driving one way to practice can save some time to get dinner prepared or run to other kid’s events. You can also try setting up carpools so you can have one day off that will help the schedule as well, and your sanity. Most moms need carpools. It’s a win for both families. If you can get carpool with more than one other mom, you can save more time and drive even less if it works out.  The more in the carpool requires more planning but its worth the extra time you will save.

The third tip, preparing dinners can be almost impossible with a busy schedule. You can use this time of the year to make some easier recipes. One thing you can do is cook a few dinners using an Instant Pot ahead of time. This is a pressure cooker, like a crock pot, and it can make some amazing meals that stay warm for hours. Making a pasta dish or a pot roast can save a lot of time. It also has a delay function, so if you prepare it in the morning you can set it to be done anytime you need it. Another cooking idea is simple grilling than keeping it warm in the oven until each family member comes home. Also, preparing meals on the weekends and freezing a couple of meals can help save time when you’re surviving the crazy weekday evenings. This time of the year, family dinners are a rarity. If you can eat at home rather than eating fast foods, your body will thank you too, and you know the kids are eating healthy when on the go. It takes time to plan and staying organized with meal planning is essential when the family is always on the go.

Forth tip, save time on grocery shopping. No matter what, it seems to take at least an hour just to go to the grocery store. Meal planning itself can be time-consuming. If your family has a busy lifestyle, try a grocery delivery service. You can meal plan and shop online while watching the kid’s practice. The cost of meal delivery may be worth it if it takes the stress out of finding time to go to the grocery store. Many grocery stores also offer pick up options as well. This takes the delivery time window out and gives you the flexibility of choosing the time you can pick up your groceries. I always find after a school pick up, or practice is ideal.

The fifth tip, schedule in some family time even if it’s a small window. Try to eat at least one or two meals together during the week.  This usually happens during the weekend, but it’s important to have this time no matter what day it is.  If mealtime can’t be done due to schedules, plan at least one time a week to do a family game night.  It’s a good time to be together as a family and enjoy some good laughs with one another. Game time can be a monthly or weekly ritual that can build some great life memories and special bonding.

Springtime is always a time we look forward to, but it also is what I call “crazy time.”  If you need more guidance try There’s nothing wrong in asking for a little extra help when needed. Doing things to save time and make busy schedules easier to survive is important so keep up the good work! Once you survive crazy Springtime, then comes our lazy Summer times and beautiful weather is just around the corner.

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