San Patricio

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Samantha and Lola

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Samantha and Lola Celebra el Día de San Patricio con Samantha y Lola

San Patricio

Samantha loves Irish dancing and has learned to dance it very well. Her friend Lola also likes this dance and she especially loves the fancy dress that Samantha wears during her presentations. Little by little, Lola learns the basic steps from her friend, until she is also ready to appear on stage. She makes her first appearance in the show that her school prepares to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Contains an informative section on St. Patrick’s Day

Books are a great way to celebrate cultures and experiences through the eyes of others. Click here to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Samantha and Lola.


Written by Courtney Rix Velasquez Lawless


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