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Isabella Cane: For the Dog Lover

Isabella Cane is a Pet Lover’s Dream

I have always been a huge dog lover and have spent most of my life with at least one dog in it. I feel like most of my money has been spent on my dogs on things like collars from places like Fetching Ware, to comfy beds, toys, oh and all those vet bills! But I wouldn’t change a thing, I love dogs. At the moment we don’t have one but this doesn’t stop me from browsing for the best dog products online! My best friend recently adopted a mastiff from a local pound so I’ve been looking online for products she can get her new pet to keep her occupied. I was surprised to hear that mastiffs are quite a destructive breed when they get bored and she’s already had to buy a new bed after the old one got torn apart! If you’re in the same boat as my friend then be sure to check out this article on – destructive dogs just need a bed that will withstand their chewing and scratching.

So, why am I talking to you about dogs today? Well, when I was browsing for dog products, I came across ISABELLA CANE on Twitter and, yes, my best contacts are via Twitter. Anyway, I saw the site and fell in love! Now, mind you, I don’t currently have a dog. We actually lost our dog Sonny to cancer right before Christmas ’08 and I have yet to get another furry companion, but after visiting Isabella Cane, I’m crushing on the dog clothes!

Here are a few of my favorites…

dog bed

The turquoise dog bed looks quite cozy! The Turquoise Circles Bed is available for $189.00.

dog sweaters

To die for! These are the Isabella Cane Sweaters: Hoodie Sweater Grey, available for $34.00.

dog collars

Great collars and pretty color selection! These are the West Village Solids Dog Collar, available for $24.

These are just a few favorites! The entire site is full of fun pet goodies such as these!

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Courtney Lawless

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