How to Wear a Hat to Top Off your Look


Hats Can Be Chic and Stylish

Hats, when worn correctly, can be super chic and fun to wear.  Some like to wear hats to hide a bad hair day or to take a break from styling. Others, rock hats daily because they love to wear them. The question is, are they wearing them right?

The biggest battle with hats is finding one that fits your head and frames your face properly. Also, finding one that suits your style and matches your outfit can be a challenge too. In the winter months, hats, like beanies, become a warm clothing necessity but wide-brim hats, berets, and sun hats are great too when the weather is not so cold. 

There’s a wide variety of hats that can be worn.  Check out our “How to Wear a Hat” advice below. 

How to Style a Wide-Brim Hat

Wide Brim Hat

Wide-brim hats are always a favorite. They are a timeless accessory that can be worn with many different types of outfits for many different types of events. There are so many different brim widths and crown shapes available in stores today, it’s easy to find one that matches any sense of style, season, and outfit.

For fall and winter, felt hats are great for keeping warm without looking too bundled up. Black, tan and cognac are all basic go-to colors, but don’t forget about olive green, grey, winter whites and creams. You really can’t go wrong with the color, just be sure it fits well and correctly before making your purchase. A wide-brim might not work for everyone’s face shape and style so you may have to try a few on before making the right choice.

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How to Style a Beret


This French-style hat can become costume-y so if thats a look you want to avoid, be careful. Berets paired with a chic suit, a fashion forward coat or casual jeans are the best options. No striped tops, and no red clothes please. Nothing else about your ensemble should scream “French,” when choosing to wear a beret during the day or to an evening event unless its a costume party.

We recommend shopping Sak’s Fifth Avenue for the perfect beret. 

How to Style a Beanie


Beanies are fun to wear when the cold weather starts setting in. When making your choice, purchase a cashmere beanie for softness and comfort. Beanies can be itchy and rough at times so be sure to try them on before making your selection to make sure the one you choose is comfortable. Colors, pom-poms and embroidered details like special beading and sparkle are always fun too!

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How to Style a Sun Hat

Sun Hat

It’s not winter yet so don’t put your sun hats away just yet. A good sun hat during sunny days is a must!  The good thing is, sun hats keep your face and chest from burning so it’s necessary when in the sun for long periods of time. Choose a striped hat or a bright beautiful color to go with your bathing suit and/or cover up and wear it with your hair down, in a pony or with sides back.  A large rimmed sun hat should be worn on top of the head along the forehead and hair line.  Make sure you’re not tipping it back for bangs to show – Taylor Swift style. Make sure it sits straight on top of your head for ample shade and coverage.  

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How to Style a Baseball Cap

Baseball Cap

Basically, you can wear a baseball cap with whatever you want! Pick a team, a logo, a city, or a trendy word and go for it.  Baseball caps are great for hiding a mediocre hair day. Let’s be honest. But, you can throw it on to make any outfit sporty or a bit more casual just because you feel like it. Whichever hat you choose is up to you!

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