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Disney Movies with Empowering Messages for Kids

Disney Movies with Inspirational Messages


There’s never a wrong age to fall in love with Disney movies, the company definitely has the key to our hearts from childhood on. Peppered throughout are of course jokes for parents that the kids wont get until much later. But what we absolutely are the movies that have strong messages that can be inspirational for kids as they develop and grow into the strong people we know is deep inside them. Yes, watching and enjoy the shows are great but what about a message they can hold onto? Here are a few movies that Disney has strong empowering messages in that are great for developing minds – but also great reminders for us on occasion too! 

Mulan Proves Girls Can Be Warriors Like Men

Mulan is a Warrior
Mulan: Find Your Inner Warrior. Photo Credit: Disney.com

Mulan may be one of the princesses I related to most as a kid. I was a tomboy, sure I loved wearing dresses but I loved building things and not being the “perfect image of a girl”. Up until the release of Mulan, we pretty much saw Princesses that needed to be saved (with some exceptions). But Mulan not only took up the charge of protecting her family, but went against what society told her to do. She fought with the boys, she saved them even and took care of her family at the same time. We could relate to her when she didn’t feel quite right in the makeup, but cheered for her as she fought in the war and showed her emotions when she felt the loss when they came up to the burnt out village. 

Slated to become a live action movie in 2019/2020, we’ll miss the songs but can’t wait to see how this story is brought to life with such a strong warrior figure. 

A Wrinkle In Time Focuses on Uniqueness and Individuality

Uniqueness wins in A Wrinkle in Time
Storm Reid is Meg Murry in Disney’s A WRINKLE IN TIME. Photo Credit: Disney.com

Growing up as “the weird kid” or the one that people don’t understand can be hard. There is a time in all of our pasts we have felt that, and that’s exactly what the book by Madeleine L’Engle focuses on. It’s easy for kids to relate to, heck, it’s easy for us to relate to as adults since there are times we still don’t feel like we fit in. A Wrinkle in Time focuses on Meg, who is going through a lot since her father went missing. She is bullied at school and doesn’t fit in. All of this makes her question her own worth and her place, but it’s her inner strengths that she has to connect to in order to fix some of her problems. With amazing positive messages about uniqueness, the importance of individuality and finding your inner strengths. There are some moments the messaging is so on point it may bring tears to the eyes of adult viewers.  

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Family Bonds Are Strong Enough to Fight Evil in Frozen

Family Bonds Fight Evil in Frozen
Family Bonds Fight Evil in Frozen. Photo Credit: Disney.com

Frozen broke down so many boundaries – and while some of us still get “Let it Go” stuck in our heads just from hearing those words, it’s one that kids latched onto and wont let go of. We love the characters but many parents (especially moms) were cheering for who saved the day. Yes, Anna fell for the guy but we find out quickly he’s the bag guy and the “true loves kiss” that normally saves our princesses from Kristoff didn’t work. Instead it was the love of her sister and that bond they had that saved Anna, and strengthened that relationship. Moral of this story – you don’t need a prince to save the day, family can stronger to help you through the worst of it. 

Frozen 2 is slated to be released on November 27 2019

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Dreamers Can Save the World in Tomorrowland

Dreamers Can Save the World in Tomorrowland
Dreamers Can Save the World in Tomorrowland. Photo Credit: Disney.com

Tomorrowland is all about Dreamers who can change the world. It’s for the artists, the geeks, the techies and the ones who have the ideas who can reshape how the world is made. But over time dark ideas started to pollute the area and the negativity had an impact on the world around us. With everything happening, the outlook wasn’t good for humanity until the positivity of a Dreamer started to bring back bits of hope. While Tomorrowland didn’t get the media attention it should have at the time it released, the movie has amazing messages and with strong kids in the lead it shows that fresh ideas from dreamers can really change the world around them. Nothing is set in stone as long as you have hope and an idea. 

Technology, Medicine and Being Strong are Cool in Black Panther

Strong Women dominate Black Panther
Strong Women dominate Black Panther. Photo Credit: Marvel

Black Panther is breaking records and will continue to do so. With an amazing cast, super heroes and epic battle scenes there are so many things to love about this movie. But for us, the movie excelled in highlighting strong women characters. From warriors, technology, family members and even in the medical field – Women and Girls held strong positions throughout the film. Studies have shown that if kids see someone like them in a position like technology or medicine, it helps them imagine themselves in that role – which increases their chances of pursuing that position later in life. 

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There are a lot of strong and empowering messages coming out of Disney’s multiple properties and ones that may have gotten past you. But the more we expose children to these voices and messages, the stronger they will become. 





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