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It’s Halloween Weekend, Let’s Get Scared!

Michigan has some very scary destinations for thrill seekers and haunted house fans.  I’ve compiled a nice thrilling list local haunted houses you can visit one last time before the Halloween holiday is over. Be brave and check them out, just don’t expect me to go with you! 

SlaughterHouse Game of Bones

SlaughterHouse Adventure, Fowlerville, Mi 

If you like scary, this is the place for you!  The SlaughterHouse team has created the sickest, most twisted haunted house Michigan has ever seen. Once inside the Slaughter House of Bones, you’ll be treated to a bone chilling tour of,  “what goes wrong when the people of Fowlerville are allowed to unleash hell on unsuspecting victims.” Yikes! 

This fun destination also offers:

  • JigSAWs Escape Room that consists of 3 rooms of thrill and guests can only escape by going down a 30′ slide.
  • The Haunted Maze – Maze is a 30 minute adventure that begins with 40 new friends and consists of manic clowns, freaks armed with chain saws, paths that lead to nowhere, Chucky, a claustrophobia tunnel, manic clowns, floating psychopaths, a cage where you enter only to be hoisted into the air, your own padded cell. One of a kind scares, animatronics, sight gags and ghouls are sure to entertain the WHOLE family. Not to mention one of the best endings to our hayride ever! Can you say BIG TEETH RATTLING EXPLOSIONS! The best part of this…… don’t even have to leave your seat. 

Erebus, Pontiac, Mi

Rated as one of the Most Extreme Shocking Haunted Houses in America 2013 Scariest and Best, Erebus is a terrific example of a haunted destination that utilizes every square inch of it’s scare space to the utmost.  How do I know? The Guinness Book of World Records termed them “World’s Largest Walk Through Haunted House”.

The motto is “show no mercy”…and the thrilling location entails a four story parking garage that has been turned into four stories of terror. Erebus is the darkness at the edge of the earth that the dead must pass to reach Hades. In Greek mythology, it’s the son of chaos and brother of night. You’ll definitely be heading to the dark side when you walk in the Erebus doors. Good luck getting out!

Go Haunted Forest, West Bloomfield, Mi

“The Haunted Forest” returns to The Adventure Park at West Bloomfield loaded with new features that may make it the best all-around autumn and Halloween event of the season for family fun. Here’s what the spooky location has to offer:

  • The Haunted Forest has been voted one of the best for all around good family fun amongst local parents. It’s adventurous but not too scary so it’s suitable for your littlest Boo’s too. It gives kids the chance to walk in groups while they explore each exhibit. Friendly costumed actors at the exhibits along the trail greet visitors. Children are encouraged to arrive in costumes and interact with the haunt performers.
  • The Terror Trail is not for those easy to scare into tears, this is for those seeking a really good scare. It continues as a separate path off of the family trail and offers participants a far more sinister walk. It will include “The Clown Terror Tunnel,” “The Mannequin Forest (with some 81 mannequin heads), “The Voodoo Intersection,” a display from a famous chainsaw movie and more. Numerous actors will perform in frightening costumes on this trail.

Combined Tickets are available for the Haunted Forest/Terror Trail combined with an Adventure Park Climb. Enjoy a walk through The Haunted Forest followed by a two-hour climb at The Adventure Park that same day or select “The Value Pack”—Haunted Forest plus voucher for three-hour climb in 2018 season for yourself or to use as a gift.

Zombie Escape, Midland, Mi

This Haunted attraction will have you screaming to get out! I sure did.  Before you know it zombies will take over your comfort zone. You and your group will find a military check point and things will look promising. Before you’re allowed in the sanctuary you are put to the test to prove you can handle the scare. With the help of Dr. Greenwood and sergeant Moore the plan is simple, find your way out of each scenario as it gets more difficult the further you get in! 

Visit the website for coupons! Guests will get a free haunted house ticket when an escape room challenge is purchased. 

Scarefest Scream Park, Lenox Twp.

Since 2006, Scarefest Scream Park has been the premier haunted house and hayride in metro Detroit offering four fun attractions, nightly entertainment, and Survive the Night haunted camping. Yes, I said camping. Scary right?! Here’s exactly what Scarefest has to offer:

  • Hayride of Doom –  Guests will shiver during one mile of a nail-biting trail.  Trail consists of 11 distinct areas, each as grotesque as the next, 15-20 minutes of zombies, infected souls, the undead and more.
  • Castle of the Dead – Thrill seekers will experience nearly two dozen distinct rooms, turn sharp corner after corner and feel the heart-thumping terror as the foot steps behind you grow louder and faster.
  • Carnival of the Dead – You’ll never admire organ music again! If you are able to find your way past the spectral carnies, you will have see the brothers Dragomanovich in all their deathly splendor. Dozens of twists and turns in a natural, secluded forest trail, far enough away from the park so that no one can hear you scream. The odd, the strange, the bizarre, and the terrifying creatures will scare you from behind the trees!
  • Terror Maze Zone – The only way to escape is to make it through the maze. Can you do it? A haze of mist crawls along the ground outside the yawning entrance to this machine of pain and torment.  Designed to test and abuse your smarts, few make it beyond the first turn before they are completely lost and scared to death. Good luck!
  • Survive the Night Camping – Survive the Night is a horror-themed camping experience for adults 18 and over.  With over 13 hours of terror planned, attendees can look forward to an assortment of entertainment ranging from sleeping in the great outdoors to being chased by chainsaw-wielding maniacs through the forest.


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