5 Things You Didn’t Know About the Container Store

the Container Store

Anyone that loves to organize things (Hello kindred spirits!) has likely heard of the Container Store. Sadly, for those of us here in the Metro Detroit area, our only option for satisfying our organizational needs was shopping online. Until this past Saturday, that is.

The Container Store recently opened the doors to it’s new 20,000 square foot retail store in Novi, Michigan much to the delight of those of us that live in perfect harmony with our stuff neatly collected, arranged and corralled.

As part of the opening celebration activities I, along with some of my favorite bloggers, was invited to a sneak preview last week.

There aren’t enough words to describe the joyful flip-flop feeling I had in my heart as we were given the tour of the store.

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So, yes, whatever you need to organize or store anything can be found this land of wonder.

In addition to being introduced to their over 10,000 different products, including 300 food storage solutions, 750 office products, 50 types of laundry hampers and over 70 styles of hangers, I learn some other cool things about the Container Store that I never knew before.

5 Things You Didn’t Know About The Container Store

  1. Each of their sales representatives receives over 220 hours of training in their first year alone. (the industry average is 10 hours)
  2. When it comes to employees, The Container Store believes in the “1=3” philosophy, meaning that they believe 1 passionate employee is worth 3 average employees and they compensate 50% above industry average.
  3. They embrace Conscious Capitalism, built on the four principles of higher purpose, stakeholder organization, conscious leadership and conscious culture.
  4. Registered teachers can enroll in the Organized Teacher Discount Program.
  5. They will be opening another Container Store in Troy in fall 2016!!!!

Rejoice my Type-A friends! We will soon have TWO Detroit-area Container Store locations to choose from!


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