Church Window Cookies – Only Four Ingredients!

 Church Windows - Peppermint and Dark Chocolate


We have made Church Windows every year for as long as I can remember.  This year I finally switched up the recipe a bit.  These cookies are pretty easy to put together, plus you can make them ahead and take them out of the freezer an hour or so  before you need them.  I think they are a perfect little holiday cookie – both yummy and  beautiful.   An extra bonus is that they require only four ingredients and no baking!  Every year they always show up at our family Christmas gatherings, and for as long as I can remember we’ve made them with the multi-colored marshmallows, however, this year I switched to the peppermint mini marshmallows and dark chocolate morsels.  My taste-testers all thought this version was excellent!


1 Twelve ounce bag of chocolate chips – dark or semi sweet.

1 stick of butter

1 10-12 ounce package of peppermint miniature marshmallows

½ package of coconut

Wax Paper

Before you start, tear two 18 inch pieces of wax paper.  Sprinkle generous with the coconut.  

 Mosaic Christmas Cookies Preparation

Melt the stick of butter and chocolate chips over medium heat – stirring until glossy (you can use a double-boiler).  Let the mixture cool a little and then add the package of marshmallows.  Stir gently to coat.  Spread down the center of the wax paper forming a log. 

Mosaic Christmas Cookies on Wax Paper

Sprinkle the top with coconut and then wrap in the wax paper.  Using your hands gently form the log so it is even in size. 

Mosaic Cookies Rolled in Wax Paper

Fold the ends of the wax paper under to seal. Put the log in the freezer for 3-4 hours or until the chocolate is set.  If you seal it tightly you can leave it there a few days.

Remove from freezer – let it come to room temperature and slice.

 Mosaic Christmas Cookie Close-Up


 These are best when eaten at room temperature.  Hope you like them.

 Church Windows YUM! Only 4 ingredients.



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