Halloween Tech Tips From AT&T

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With Halloween only weeks away, our little ghosts and goblins are ready to hit the streets for trick-or-treats.  And while certainly some of the costumes will be scary, it can also be a little spooky for parents as the kids head out on their own. 

That’s why AT&T has compiled a list of important family safety tips and some apps to make this Halloween as sweet as the treats.

1.      Make sure wireless phones are fully charged and operational.

2.      Pre-program contact information of parents, neighbors and emergency services into your child’s speed dial, and be sure they know how to access these numbers with ease.

3.      Light up the night with the iHandy Flashlight app.  The flashlight is bright enough to light the way making sure your little pumpkins can see uneven sidewalks and puddles and more importantly that traffic can see them.  It can be set to blink and it even has a compass.  Free for iOS. Brightest Flashlight App is free on android.

4.      Track your trick-or-treaters by using AT&T Family Map. Make sure your children are safe – and where they said they’d be – with this app. It shows their location on an interactive map and sends location by text or email (monthly fee.) 

5.      Or use the Trick or Treating navigation app. Using GPS coordinates, you can bookmark important addresses – put in your home address, trusted neighbors, police stations, grandparents, and anywhere else you or your kids may need to quickly get to while out collecting candy this Halloween. The app is $0.99 for iOS.

6.      Set up periodic alarms with Halloween-themed tones from Free Scary Halloween Ringtones as a reminder for trick-or-treaters to text or call home between candy collecting stops.  Free for android.

7. Ghost in Photo Prank App – Halloween is an especially fun time of year to try out the Ghost in Photo Prank app. You can add ghosts to pictures and share them with family and friends through social media and email.


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