DIY Tie Dye Pocket T-shirt

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DIY Tie Dye Pocket Tee


Feel like dressing up one of your plain t-shirts?   This is a fun and easy way to do just that.  My niece, Dayna, taught me how to do this.  I, of course, changed it slightly to make it easier.  Instead of tie-dying my own shirts to use for the pockets I purchased several tie-dye t-shirts at the thrift store for $1 each!  

 Tie Dye Pocket Pinned On

What you’ll need:


Plain colored T-shirt

Tie Dye T-shirt – thrift store find $1

Sewing Machine


Paper for template

Fabric glue – optional



Here’s how you do it:


Make a pocket template out of paper.  Mine was for a teenager’s shirt and measured approximately 5 inches across and 4 ½ inches long.  I made the corners angle with a snip of the scissors.  If you are making a shirt for a child you can scale it down a bit.

 Tie Dye Pocket Template

Pin the pocket to the tie-dye shirt.  You can choose which part of the tie-dye shirt you like best to be the pocket and cut that part out.  I tried to use the sleeve edge or bottom hem edge so that I didn’t have to hem the top of the pocket.  You can easily hem the top of the pocket if the tie dye piece you choose is doesn’t have a  “pre-sewn” hem.  Cut the pocket out.

 Tie Dye Pocket T-Shirt using existing hem

Transfer the penciled line to the wrong side of the fabric (about 3/8th’s of an inch in).  This is where you will fold it and iron it.  Once you have the markings on the pocket fold it on those lines and iron to get a nice clean edge.

 Tie Dye T-shirt gluing edges

This is optional but does make it a little easier (so you won’t need to pin it) – put a bead of fabric glue along the crease and fold over.  Press with your fingers or butter knife to get a good clean finish.  Remember this is done on the wrong side of the fabric.  Let the glue dry, to speed things up you can run the iron over it.


 Pin the finished pocket on the right side of the t-shirt and sew along all edges – except the top opening. 


Tie Dye Pocket Sewing

You could use any kind of fabric that you want to dress up a plain old t-shirt, the possibilities are endless.  If on the other hand you want one of these t-shirts but don’t want to make your own you can check out my nieces store on Etsy:



 Tie Dye Pocket T-shirt - he likes it!









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