Waterproof Eye Cover

Marco Polo has always been a popular game for kids and as history tells it, the story about how the game got its name goes something like this… In 1312, Marco Polo had his eyes cut out by Chinese pirate traders after he insulted a ship’s captain. (Some reports claim that the insult was only Marco Polo is trying to bargain a better deal.) Upon returning to Venice he was mocked by local children who stole his walking stick constantly and made him chase them around.

My daughters love playing Marco Polo when they are playing around in the pool.  When they play on our enclosed trampoline, there is another game they like to play called “Dead Man”.  It’s a game where one player closes their eyes and lays in the middle of the trampoline. The other 3-6 players chant, ” Dead man, dead man come alive 1,2,3,4,5 dead man come alive.”  Then the players run around the player in the center while he/she “blindly” tries to touch one of the players who then becomes the dead man in the middle.

Two children came up with a product that would help kids play these “no peak” games.  It’s a waterproof blindfold called NoPeek.  SMART kids!  Find more info and purchase (here).  They are $15 + shipping.


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