Fourth of July Candy Bracelet

Fourth of July Candy Bracelet


A few weeks ago I was hunting around on Pinterest for fun ideas for a birthday party.  I came across these cute candy bracelets over at and decided to make them to give to the kids when they left the party.  They were a huge hit – we used wrapped gum, tootsie rolls, jolly ranchers and some smarties. 


I found this bag of very patriotic dubba bubba gum in the bulk candy section at Meijer the other day and thought about making a bracelet just for the 4th of July Holiday.  So we put a patriotic spin on it!

 Fourth of July Candy Bracelet - Dubba Bubba

These are easy to make but they do take a little time tying all those knots.

You can find the instructions for making the bracelet on the website.


We didn’t use the jelly bracelets because we couldn’t find them. Instead we used multi-colored elastic cord from the craft store.  I think elastic hair holders would work too – and you could use them for hair holders when the candy is gone.

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