AT&T Samsung Galaxy S 5 REVIEW
Towards the end of the school year, I was lucky enough to capture many exciting moments because of AT&T thanks to them letting me test out the new Samsung Galaxy S 5
AT&T says it makes every day better and it honestly did. 
The phone, in time, with practice is very easy to figure out and it works when most needed.
The Samsung Galaxy S® 5 is technology that truly impacts your life. The Galaxy S 5 lets you: 
  • Stay entertained on the 5.1″ full HD Super AMOLED® display. My daughter was able to view videos and movies, very clearly. 
  • Capture moments as they happen with the only camera you’ll ever need. The pictures I took were very clear and printed up just as nicely. At times, people are leery about taking pictures with a ‘phone.’ I can honestly say that is not the truth with the Samsung Galaxy S5. Pictures were perfect!!! The camera is a 16MP!!! As I showed others the pictures the camera took, they were highly impressed. 
  • Achieve your fitness goals with the built-in mobile health monitor. I loved the S Health app that the phone utilizes. Preparing for Disney, I was trying to lose weight and walk at least 10,000 plus steps per day! This kept me on track. 
  • Unlock your phone with the touch of your finger.  Again, the phone is simple to use. I always let my parents test it out – that is a true example of simple. They figured it out with a bit of guidance. 
  • Take your phone on a hike, to the gym, or even camping without worrying about dust and spills. I still worry about anything like this. I can honestly say I did not spill anything on it or so anything crazy with the phone. This is one perk you will need to figure out on your own.

Please look at our pictures below! This camera captured some great moments for us at Legofest!!! 

 SAMSUMG ATT PHONE 014 (360x640) SAMSUMG ATT PHONE 015 (640x360)

AT&T never ceases to amaze me! Their service is always great! I never dropped a call, nor did the phone not work! I will say, at times, the battery might start to die, but  the Ultra Power Saving Mode maximized the smartphone’s battery life. It does come in handy, especially when you know you don;t have the charger, but you need your phone to continue to work!!! Again, I would highly recommend the phone and the service! I always appreciate being able to review technology for all of you to learn more about!! 

What’s in the box?

Data Cable (USB 3.0)
Stereo Headset
Quick Start Guide



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