I see a lot of cool Kickstarter campaigns, but this one is my favorite!

I love to run, but the summer months can be really hard because of the heat.  I either need to go before the sun comes up or way after it goes down.

icetee moms

Two moms from Austin developed the latest in active/sports apparel for the summer… The IceTee.

The IceTee is the ultimate cooling apparel and a one stop solution to keep you cool!  Avoid the dangers of heat stroke/illness from overheating, increase performance and feel confident in the lightweight, moisture wicking shirt that delivers cold to the points your body needs it the most! 

Simply put the cooling gel packs for a minimum of 2-hours in the freezer before using then insert into the shirt gel pockets to start cooling your body down.  

The moms only have about 40 hours left  to get their awesome invention backed:

Retail: Men: Shirt-$65.00 With Koolkase $75.00 and Women $60.00 With Koolkase $80.00.  The Koolkase is a portable case to keep the packs cold in your car, etc.

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