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For the past few weeks thanks to Verizon Wireless, my 6 year old daughter, Kelsey & I were lucky enough to have a new guest visit our home. Her name is Woogie Fee!!! You are probably wondering what exactly a Woogie Fee is!? A Woogie Fee is an interactive plush toy that makes a great friend for your preschooler, offering imaginary play through video, games, music and more. To bring Woogie Fee to life, download the app to your iPhone 5, 4/4S or iPod Touch, and tuck the device into the plush toy’s protective clear pocket and then start playing. Your child can choose a face for Woogie Fee, and hug, poke, tickle and shake her to see how she reacts. The Woogie will actually respond to your child if she/he pokes him in the eye or taps her. It is really amusing!

Interactive learning and fun:
Woogie Fee offers a variety of activities for your child to enjoy. Swipe the interactive map and your child can set off for adventures to the beach, grocery store, and outer space. Five floppy legs help prop her up for better viewing and playing. The Woogie is very soft and cuddly for your little one.  Your child can feed, dress and groom Woogie Fee, and tuck her in at naptime and listen to her snore. We really liked that part. The only downfall is your battery does run – so you will have to charge it often. She also interacts with other Woogies! We were unable to test that portion out, BUT we thought it sounded pretty interesting.  The Woogie comes in  pink/purple (for a girl) & her name is Fee! For a boy, the Woogie’s name is Zee and it comes in blue/yellow/green. You could buy either for a girl or a boy – but I assumed that is the way they made it, but it would not matter!



  • Recommended for children ages 3-8
  • Made of safe, certified nontoxic plush materials
  • See-through pocket with Velcro fastener keeps device protected
  • Five floppy legs allow for easier positioning
  • Woogie Fee comes in purple. Woogie Zee is also available in blue


  • Works with iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPod Touch
  • Requires iOS 4.3 or later
  • App optimized for iPhone 5

I thought since this accessory was available through Verizon Wireless, and made for a child, I would allow my 6 year old daughter to complete a review on it. So, keep in mind, this portion of the review will be completed by my 6 year old daughter.


IMG_0796FIX (800x533)

 How old do you think a child should be to play with Zee or Fee?

I think the kid should ages 3 – 5.  I think those children would think it was fun! They would also like to cuddle with it. I even liked cuddling with Fee! She is really cute and soft. However, the app was kind of boring. 

I thought Fee was a little bit babyish for me, because I am 6. I do not think older kids like 7 or 8 would like it. They would think it was boring too.


What was your favorite thing about Fee? 

I like that Fee was very soft, and I could not break her. I could drop her, and not break her and I can cuddle with her because she is so soft.


What was your least favorite thing about Fee?

I thought her apps were too babyish for me. The games were too easy & not much happened. Plus, she kept repeating herself.


Who would you buy Fee for? 

I would probably buy Fee for my friend Ava, who is 3 or maybe Lilly, she is 4. I think both girls would like her a lot!


Any other comments about Fee you would like to add? 

No thank you!


These were the honest words of my 6 year old. She does have an IPad, her own desktop computer, and uses both my laptop & my husband’s IPod She is very tech-savvy. I taught her how to use a computer starting at 18 months old. She played different games and learned the proper computer terms at that time. Children that are older than 5 years old, and not as tech-savvy may enjoy a Woogie more then Kelsey did. All in all, we thought Fee was adorable and would be a great addition to a younger child’s home!


Jill is a former teacher who is now a stay at home mommy, by choice, of her active 7 yr old daughter, Kelsey Anne, in Livonia, Michigan. On the side, she works as a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator for a Michigan based Protocol Company with 25 years experience, specializing in creating, managing, and producing gala events for dignitaries, celebrities and non-profit organizations throughout the country. She also volunteers at her daughter's school, has recently started substitute teaching, enjoys entering contests and sweeps, & spending time with her family.
You can follow her on Twitter @jillkathan.

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