10 Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

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10 Special Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Welcome to February!  Do you have your Valentine’s Day plans in place?  Maybe you are running out of ideas and getting tired of the same old thing every year.  I know that I am in that place right now.  I started brainstorming different ideas that are unique yet romantic and/or sweet. I came up with 5 ideas for my kids and 5 different ideas for hubby.  Maybe you can help me decide or pick something from this list to do for your family.

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

  1. Since I have girls, I am considering a pair of heart earrings for all three of my girls.  In order not to break the bank, I will check out Clair’s Accessories.  They always have adorable and affordable jewelry that girls love.
  2. Valentine’s Day Treasure Hunt: I’m thinking of creating “I Love You” clues to lead them to a yummy surprise at the end.
  3. Chocolate Chip Heart Shaped Valentine’s Day Pancakes.  Adding whipped cream and red and pink sprinkles are a nice yummy breakfast treat.
  4. Valentine’s Day visit to Sky Zone.
  5. Movie, Hot Chocolate, and Popcorn Night.

Right now I am leaning towards the Valentine’s Day heart earrings and movie, hot chocolate and popcorn night.  Maybe do all 5?  Hmmm, that might be too much.

5 Valentine’s Day Ideas for Hubby

  1. Since he loves T-Shirts, I am thinking of picking up one to add to his collection.  Old Navy is having awesome deals right now.
  2. Make his favorite dinner.
  3. A Kindle Fire.  He loves mine, haha.
  4. A new man ring.
  5. Create fun Valentine’s Day coupons to use on a daily basis.  Do I dare? Haha!

What do you think I should choose? I was thinking of maybe 2 or 3 of them, but still unsure.

What are some unique ways you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your family?  I would love to read your ideas or maybe you can help me make my decision, haha!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Written by Lindsey Clair

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