With the holidays quickly approaching, it is the perfect time of year for giving and helping families in need this season.  Did you know that “1 in 5 face hunger in Metro Detroit?”  Very disheartening, but you can help someone reduce hunger whether it’s through donations or volunteer work.

There is currently a program where you can provide 5 meals for neighbors in need.  The Good Neighbor Holiday Campaign, presented by Art Van Furniture, is inviting families to donate just $1 for this cause.  Are you a Detroit Pistons fan?  If you donate $125 or more for the Good Neighbor Holiday Campaign, you can earn 2 tickets to a Detroit Pistons game.  Supplies are limited so hurry and make your donation.  Even though this is a great incentive to help someone else, there are so many families that are hungry or are going hungry.  Will you help this season?

You can sign up to donate for this cause through the Forgotten Harvest website by clicking here.  Whatever amount you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

If you would also be interested in volunteer work through Forgotten Harvest, click here.


Source: Forgotten Harvest

Image: Free Digital Photos

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