An App that Cleans Your Fridge

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and the frantic cleaning up has begun aimed at tidying the house before the parade of guests arrives.  For many of us, the fridge serves as a gallery of artwork, photos, and souvenir magnets. Unfortunately, the art is obscured by contact lists.  I know that this was definitely my fridge.  Paper clutter on the fridge is not only unsightly, it can become a headache with overwhelming results.    Fortunately, there is something that can help. Ringya!

Wow, a new free mobile app that does our holiday cleaning for us…by clearing our refrigerators and bulletin boards from contact lists and putting them where they belong…on our smartphones!! And since you’re probably getting together with family this Thanksgiving, the app can help you stay connected after everyone’s gone back home.  Awesome, right?   Though it can’t mop, dust, and do laundry, it can eliminate that fridge paper clutter permanently if you let it.  Now that’s brilliant!


Let’s start with the clean-up. How many of you have your kids’ class lists tacked to your fridge? How about their sports or other extra-curricular rosters?  Anyone a PTA member or class parent? Are those lists hanging on your fridge or bulletin board or shoved into a drawer somewhere when they should be on your phone?

With Ringya, you simply snap a photo of any contact list from within the app and Ringya transforms it into a smart digital “Ring” right on your phone. It’s effortless and practical. The next time you’re running late for pick-up and need a fellow parent to help you, the whole class list will be on your phone. When it starts raining 10 minutes before a soccer game, you’ll be able to group text the team re: the changed venue.  If you’re a class parent, you can reach other parents with ease. And with Ringya, your contacts stay current.  Wow, just think!

Say you upload your office directory and a few weeks later there’s a new hire or someone’s info changes. When the info is updated in Ringya, the entire group gets the new information so you stay current.

As for the family get together, Ringya is a great way for everyone to stay in touch. One family member uploads everyone’s contacts and shares the Ring (list) with the group.  Everyone can easily stay in touch and coordinate future family get togethers (holiday gatherings, reunions, etc.) I don’t know about you, but I have my immediate family in my phone, but have to scrounge around for contact info of extended relatives. A family Ring means everyone’s on my phone in an organized easy-to-find manner.  It’s truly amazing how far technology has come, don’t you think?

Happy Thanksgiving!

For more info about Ringya, watch the video by clicking here:

Click here to download Ringya from the Appstore

Read more on Ringya’s website by clicking here.

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Lindsey Clair

Lindsey is a homeschool mom of three in Southeast Michigan. She is the creator of Michigan blog Michigan Home Mommy Works and blogs for Homeschooling in Detroit.

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