Organize your Paper and Digital Lists

If you own a smartphone such as an iPhone or Android, most likely you just have to have the latest and greatest of apps available across the web.  Well, guess what?  I have another one you may want to utilize in the future.  I would like to introduce to you Ringya.

What exactly is Ringya?  It allows you to compile people’s phone numbers and emails right onto your smartphone with no effort.  This allows you to share the contact lists with other group members so you can call each other, as well as text and email individuals or the entire group.  It also provides custom caller ID so you know how people fit into your world when they call you.  With Ringya, you can transform all of your contact lists into “digital rings.”  An example of the caller ID will say: “Theresa Smith, Mother of Michelle Smith, Jefferson Elementary 1st Grade.”

Who can utilize Ringya?

  • Parents
  • Work Teams
  • Teachers
  • Students

Not only can you capture a pic of your paper lists, you can snap a pic of digital contacts such as info in an Excel spreadsheet, etc.  You can easily share your lists with group members.  How nifty is that?

To top it all off, the Ringya app is free! You most definitely cannot beat free. I believe busy  moms and dads alike can greatly benefit from Ringya.

 Watch the demo video of Ringya in action

Are you convinced yet?   If you are ready to take control of your contact lists, click here to download your Ringya app now.  Or if you would like more details on Ringya, go to  I really don’t think you will be disappointed.  In fact, in can become quite an addicting feature.  One word of advice, in order for your “Ring” to get approved, don’t forget any contact information within the list.  This help keeps it organized.  Here is a screenshot of example rings below:


I hope Ringya app will help you cut down on the paper clutter in your life.  It certainly did mine.

Go Ringya!


I received compensation for reviewing the Ringya app, however, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Images courtesy of Ringya

Lindsey Clair

Lindsey is a homeschool mom of three in Southeast Michigan. She is the creator of Michigan blog Michigan Home Mommy Works and blogs for Homeschooling in Detroit.

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